How to get started with the MyCurrency App

4 min readDec 31, 2019


How to Sign Up on the MyCurrency App:

1. Download the mobile app in



2. Sign up for an account by Google or Facebook

3. After signing up, the app will ask for a username, type it on the blank field under Username then click on Next (Please choose carefully, usernames cannot be edited/changed after completing the signup process)

4. Next, you have the option to add a Photo then click on Next (this is also the only time you can still change your username if you want to, by clicking on the “back” button)

5. The last step is to select one of the locations from the Suggested Locations list that is closest to you. You can also type in your city and country and select the one that applies to where you are located. Then click on Finish

6. To confirm that the Registration was successful, you will get a Welcome banner with your username on it. Just click on the “Got it” button to finish the process. And you will be taken to your Profile page.

For Customers: You can now provide your username to the Business owner/Shop/Store to receive your Loyalty Points.

For Store Owners: You can proceed to the next steps to create your first Currency, Store and Product

How to Create your first Currency, Store and Product:

7. After successfully Signing up, Click on the Back button.

8. To create your first currency, the app should show you which button to click for you to be able to create your own currency.

9. Type in the name you want for your own Currency, this currency will act as your Store’s Loyalty Points ( eg: Mario’s Hot Pizza Points)

10. You also have the option to add a picture beside the name of your currency.

11. Next is to add a Description of your currency to let customers know what it will be primarily used for under the Description field.

12. Then you can choose the annual percentage for your loyalty point’s “Burnrate”. Then hit Save.

What is a Burnrate?

A burn rate is the annual rate at which currency loses value while it is held by a user. This is to prevent currency hoarding and encourage your customers to spend at your store. The burn rate is applied on a daily basis.

13. Now that you have created your first Currency, it should show the Currency Information Page and the app would ask you to create your first Store.

14. To create your first Store, click on the Green button on the very bottom that says Create store

15. Type in your Store’s Name, City where you are located and make sure the Currency field has the correct currency selected (in case you have created multiple currencies).

16. Under the Description field, please describe your store and tell your customers what it will primarily be selling. Then hit Create.

17. Now that you have created your first Store, it should show the Store Information Page and the app would ask you to create your store’s first product/service.

18. To create your first product/service, click on the Green button on the very bottom that says Add product.

19. You have the option to add a picture of the product/service you are selling by clicking on the Upload Image button.

20. Fill out the Price, Name and Description field and choose the category it applies to. Then click on Create.

21. You will be directed back to the Store Information page where you can add more products.

22. Congratulations you can now issue your currency as your Loyalty points to your customers!